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DocWagon Contract Basic - 5,000¥ per year Core
DocWagon Contract Gold - 25,000¥ per year Core
DocWagon Contract Platinum - 50,000¥ per year Core
DocWagon Contract Super-platinum - 100,000¥ per year Core

Don’t leave home without it! DocWagon offers first-class emergency medical care on a twenty-four-hour basis, and they come to you! Four contract service levels are available: basic, gold, platinum, and super-platinum. A DocWagon contract requires the filing of tissue samples (held in a secure vault staffed by bonded guards, spiders, and mages) and comes with a biomonitor RFID tag implant or wristband that can be activated to call for help and then to serve as a homing beacon for DocWagon armed ambulances and fast-response choppers in the area. Rupture of the band will also alert DocWagon representatives.

Upon receiving a call from a contract-holder, DocWagon franchises guarantee arrival of an armed trauma team in less than ten minutes, or else the emergency medical care is free. Resuscitation service carries a high premium (5,000 nuyen), as does High Threat Response (HTR) service (5,000 nuyen). In the latter case, the client or their next of kin is expected to pay medical bills up to and including death compensation for DocWagon employees (20,000 nuyen per cold body).

Gold service includes one free resuscitation per year, a fifty percent reduction on HTR service charges, and a ten percent discount on extended care. Platinum service includes four free resuscitations per year and a fifty percent discount on extended care. There is no charge for HTR services, but employee death compensation still applies. Super-platinum subscribers are entitled to five free resuscitations a year and do not have to pay for HTR services or death compensation.

Doc Wagon does not respond to calls on extraterritorial government or corporate property without permission from the controlling authority.