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0 None
1 The general state of the subject’s health (healthy, injured, ill, etc.). The subject’s general emotional state or impression (happy, sad, angry, etc.). Whether the subject is mundane or Awakened.
2 The presence and location of cyberware implants. The class of a magical subject (fire elemental, manipulation spell, power focus, curse ritual, and so on). If you have seen the subject’s aura before, you may recognize it, regardless of physical disguises or alterations
3 The presence and location of alphaware cyber implants. Whether the subject’s Essence and Magic are higher, lower, or equal to your own. Whether the subject’s Force is higher, lower, or equal to your Magic. A general diagnosis for any maladies (diseases or toxins) the subject suffers. Any astral signatures present on the subject.
4 The presence and location of bioware implants and betaware cyber implants. The exact Essence, Magic, and Force of the subject. The general cause of any astral signature (combat spell, alchemical combat spell, air spirit, and so on).
5+ The presence and location of deltaware implants, gene treatments, and nanotech. An accurate diagnosis of any disease or toxins which afflict the subject. The fact that a subject is a technomancer.