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A magician who knows the Sacrifice metamagic may summon blood spirits. Summoning a blood spirit follows all the normal rules for summoning except that the magician must use the Sacrifice metamagic as part of the summoning. The amount of Blood Magic Points generated sets the maximum Force of blood spirit that can be summoned. All other rules for summoning and commanding spirits apply normally. Blood spirits can be bound in the same manner as other spirits, if the magician is brave enough.

Spirits of Blood

B A R S W L I C Source
F+2 F+2 F F+2 F F-1 F F SR5:SG
Initiative (Fx2)+2D6
Astral Initiative (Fx3)+3D6
Essence Loss (1 point per day)
Assensing, Astral Combat, Perception, Running, Unarmed Combat
Astral Form, Binding, Energy Drain (Essence, Touch, Physical Damage), Fear, Materialization
Optional Powers
Concealment, Confusion, Guard, Movement, Natural Weapon (DV = (Force) Physical Damage, AP —), Noxious Breath

Blood spirits always take a twisted, painful appearance. They can be an unsettling cloud of red mist from which tortured and dying faces seem to swim and shift, or a kind of hideous animal amalgamation with claws and a bird-like beak dripping with gore. Most frightening of all is when they take a form very much like a metahuman, with gaping, bleeding mortal wounds on their neck, wrists, head, or abdomen. A blood spirit is a transient thing that slowly degrades after the magical energies of its initial violent summoning begin to fade. As a result, blood spirits need to use their Essence Drain power to replenish themselves in order to stay on this plane. A blood spirit whose Essence reaches 0 immediately departs for its native metaplane—generally howling with an inhuman hunger as it does so.